Economic Development, Tourism and Investment Attraction 2022-2032 Survey

Golden Plains Shire Council is preparing an Economic Development, Tourism and Investment Attraction (EDTIA) Strategy to guide local economic activity over the next 10 years.
Economic Development, Tourism and Investment Attraction 2022-2032 Survey Have Your Say


Council’s Economic Development, Tourism and Investment Attraction (EDTIA) Strategy 2022-2032 will deliver a vision and strategies for economic development and job creation in Golden Plains Shire and produce a list of prioritised projects, including key infrastructure projects and support programs that will close the gap between the current situation and future potential. 

In the development of the Draft EDTIA Strategy, Council has undertaken economic analysis, research and preliminary consultation to understand the current state of the Golden Plains economy. 

The research found that over recent years, the local economy has experienced growth at levels lower than the Victoria economy more broadly. The economy has also been growing at rates slower than population growth, showing a declining performance from a GRP per capita perspective. Two primary issues for the Shire are that local economic activity is not keeping pace with population growth and the economy does experience high rates of economic leakage as residents work and spend money in neighbouring municipalities.

The economy of Golden Plains Shire is currently driven by specialisations in agriculture (including food product manufacturing), and by population growth. Key export products relate to products from traditional industry sectors like mining, manufacturing, and agriculture. There are new investments flowing into the economy, most notably in renewable energy, but also transport, retail and waste infrastructure. Industries which show potential for development include agriculture and food product manufacturing, health and aged care, population serving sectors like retail, renewable energy, and tourism and events.

Strengths include the Shire’s ample land capacity; location close to Geelong, Melbourne and Ballarat; liveability, small townships, and environmental assets, though improvements can be made to improve these strengths. Challenges to address include transport and logistics infrastructure.

Engagement Update 

Golden Plains Shire businesses and residents were invited to complete the EDTIA community survey and provide valuable input on the local economy and tourism to support the development of the Draft EDTIA Strategy 2022-2032. 

The survey aimed to gather key stakeholder views and determine business sectors and activities, existing and potential, that can be supported to create sustainable competitive advantages. The survey was open from Thursday 19 May to 9am, Monday 20 June. 

What Happens Next

The feedback provided in the community survey, along with that of other community members and stakeholders, will be considered in the preparation of the Draft EDTIA Strategy 2022-2032, which will be presented to Council in August 2022, followed by public exhibition for community feedback in September. 

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