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Council Plan Annual Review

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the annual review of the Council Plan 2017-2021.  The submission process is now closed.  The Council Plan was amended in response to community feedback.



Council is required to review its four year Council Plan annually to consider whether the current Plan requires any changes for the remaining period.  The Council Plan (2017-2021) is the key document setting out the strategic direction for Golden Plains Shire Council from 2017 to 2021 and beyond.  

In response to this review, Council made 21 changes to the Council Plan (2017-2021) which aim to improve the document’s clarity, and enhance its representation of community aspirations. The final revised Council Plan 2017-2021 was adopted by Council at the ordinary Council meeting held on 26 June 2018. Click here to view the adopted Council Plan (2017-2021):

Adopted revised Council Plan (2017-2020)

Engagement Update

Engagement Update: 

Annual review surveys

35 people participated in the Council Plan Annual Review via three separate surveys in February - March 2018, including 29 Council staff members, four community members, and two Councillors. 

Survey respondents identified a number of strengths and some key issues with the document.  For more information, please see a summary of the survey results and recommended changes: 

Survey summary

Submission Process (Section 223)

All Golden Plains Shire community members were able to submit a written response to the draft updated Council Plan via the Section 223 process, open from 30 April to 28 May 2018. Council received 34 submissions on the draft Budget 2018-19, but did not receive any submissions on the draft updated Council Plan during this time.

What Happens Next

What Happens Next: 

In response to feedback from community, staff and Councillors, Council will now focus on producing an Action Plan to accompany the Council Plan 2017-2021. A Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Action Plan has already been developed (you can find it here) and this will inform and intrinsically link with the Council Plan’s new Action document. 

Council will also develop an evaluation document to help us monitor how successfully we are delivering the activities outlined in the Council Plan. Summaries of these two plans will be share with the community as they are completed.  

The next annual review of the Council Plan (2017-2021) will be commenced in February 2019. 


  • 21 Feb - 6 Mar 2018: Surveys open for community, Councillors and staff
  • April/May2018: Council reports back to community on survey results and draft changes
  • 30 April – 28 May 2018: Submission process (Section 223) for community to comment on draft changes
  • 12 June 2018, 6pm: Special Council meeting for hearing of submissions on draft Budget 2018-19
  • 26 June 2018, 6pm: Council adopts final updated Council Plan and Budget
  • July 2018: Final Council Plan shared with the community
  • August 2018: Action Plans and Monitoring and Evaluation Plan shared with community

Contact Information

Felicity Bolitho
Executive Unit Team Leader
5220 7111
Project Category: 
Council Plan and Budget
Last Updated: 
Monday, July 2, 2018
Project Status: 
Past Project
Council conducted its annual review of the Council Plan (2017-2021) in 2018.

Community Survey: Council Plan Annual Review 2018

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Council acknowledges the traditional Wadawurrung owners of this land. Council pays its respects to Wadawurrung Elders both past and present and extends that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People who are part of Golden Plains Shire.