Neighbourhood Safer Places

In response to the Black Saturday bushfires, Council has established six open space Bushfire Neighbourhood Safer Places - Places of Last Resort (NSP-PLR) in Golden Plains Shire.



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Bushfire Neighbourhood Safer Places - Places of Last Resort are identified spaces within the community that may afford some protection from radiant heat, the biggest killer during bushfire. They are a place of last resort in bushfire emergencies only.

These NSP-PLRs are open space areas where residents can go when their personal fire plans have failed and they are left with no other option. They are not a replacement for having your own well prepared fire survival plan and being aware of the weather and fire danger in your area.

There is no guarantee of safety at a NSP-PLR. There are no special facilities and no provision of food, water or built shelter. The NSP-PLR may be uncomfortable and exposed to smoke and embers and is only intended to provide a place of last resort during the passage of a fire.

The Bushfire Neighbourhood Safer Place question and answer link below has more information on what to expect from a Bushfire Neighbourhood Safer Place.

Neighbourhood Safer Place Q & A (PDF, 100KB)

Council has also prepared a Municipal Neighbourhood Safer Places Plan.

Neighbourhood Safer Places Plan (PDF, 1MB)

For more information about NSP-PLR's, visit the CFA website at or contact Council's Municipal Fire Prevention Officer on 5220 7111.

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