My Town - Maude, Steiglitz and She-oaks

About Maude, Steiglitz and She-Oaks

Maude, Steiglitz and She Oaks are three distinct towns with histories involving gold mining and mixed farming. European settlement began around 1836.

Today the towns have active communities and provide for lifestyle choice as well as farming.


Our Community Plan

Community planning is a program where community members come together to develop and implement Community Plans to improve where they live.

Local residents volunteer as community coordinators to coordinate the development and implementation of a Community Plan. To develop this plan, community coordinators seek other residents' ideas and opinions via surveys, interviews and public meetings.

Residents ideas are voted on to identify the top priority projects for the community for the upcoming three year period.

The coordinators assist local residents, groups and others who are passionate about a particular project in the Community Plan to action it.

The latest Maude, Steiglitz and She-Oaks Community Plan can be viewed by clicking the link below. 

Our Community Plan

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