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Please find below links to webpages for the main townships in Golden Plains. These pages contain a short description of what makes each town special, links to each town's Community Plan, and any upcoming or regular events.


If your town or community is not listed and you have information you would like to share, get in touch here and we will consider creating a new webpage for your community.

Current townships listed:

  1. Bannockburn
  2. Batesford
  3. Cape Clear/Illabarook/Rokewood Junction
  4. Dereel
  5. Haddon
  6. Inverleigh
  7. Lethbridge
  8. Linton
  9. Maude/Steiglitz/She Oaks
  10. Meredith
  11. Napoleons
  12. Rokewood/Corindhap
  13. Scarsdale
  14. Shelford
  15. Smythesdale
  16. Teesdale

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