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Investing in Intensive Agriculture 2006

'Investing in Intensive Agriculture: Demand and Infrastructure Requirements for Intensive Agricultural Industries and Identification of the Economic and Social Benefits' was commissioned by Council at the suggestion and funding of the Victorian Government in response to the high level of interest in Golden Plains Shire from intensive animal industries, particularly the poultry sector, further to 'Developing Suitable Areas for Intensive Agricultural Industries Final Report 2004'.

Intensive animal farming plays an important role in the delivery of the State's food policies and while Council is supportive of such industries in the appropriate locations, the lack of water infrastructure has meant that the potential economic benefits are being lost to both Golden Plains and Victoria.

The 'Investing in Intensive Agriculture' (September 2006) report proposes a $11.4 million infrastructure project to provide a dedicated water supply to intensive farm operations in the Shelford-Meredith corridor, while freeing up the local reticulated water supply for small communities such as Lethbridge.

As the Shelford-Meredith corridor is increasingly gaining state-wide economic significance in terms of chicken meat and egg production, Council has requested the State Government, through Regional Development Victoria, to drive the facilitation, planning and delivery of the project via a Public-Private Partnership.

Investing in Intensive Agriculture Final Report September 2006 Investing%20in%20Intensive%20Agriculture%20Final%20Report%20September%202006 (392 kb)

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Developing Suitable Areas for Intensive Agricultural Industries 2004

Golden Plains Shire Council received funding from the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment to undertake an Area Improvement Program (AIP) pilot study to investigate the creation of specific areas for intensive agricultural industries in the shire.

The Golden Plains Shire is an active supporter of the intensive animal industry as has been shown by the continued development over recent years of the broiler industry, the pig industry and more recently, the meat rabbit industry.

The primary aim of this AIP study is to identify areas suitable for piggery and broiler industries within the Golden Plains Shire, and ensure that such developments can proceed with some certainty, whilst taking in account economic, environmental and socially sustainable outcomes.

Developing Suitable Areas for Intensive Agriculture in Golden Plains Shire Developing%20Suitable%20Areas%20for%20Intensive%20Agriculture%20in%20Golden%20Plains%20Shire (433 kb)

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